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At the end of our interview, if you are interested in considering me for your child care needs, I will provide you with a list of references (past and present clients). But in the meantime here are some comments parents have written to me over the years for you to read:
"Thanks for being such a great daycare mom. It is rare to find someone who really cares about the kids. We will miss you and your family."
"I'm writing this letter because although I can talk to you about most of what I've written above, what I have a hard time expressing is how thankful we are that (our daughter) was with you these few months. You and your family have taught her so many things that we didn't realize she was capable of doing yet. Things like drawing, painting, gluing and cutting paper. She sings and dances on her own now, has learned to jump and hop and is more confident going down the slide. We love seeing and encouraging all these developments. The projects that you have worked with her to create are amazing and show us not only how capable she is of following direction, but of how patient and caring you are to work with her to create these projects. The Christmas ball ornament and calendar she made are beautiful and will be special to us for years to come. When we first talked to you about her coming to you for care, we knew that you were caring and we were comfortable knowing she was safe and happy in your care. What we didn't know is how much you would teach her and how much she would learn from you. We are so very thankful for the months she has spent with you and your family."
"Our daughter was cared for by Andi from the age of 8 weeks through 2 years old. We can't say enough good things about the care and love she received from Andi during the two years with her. One of the hardest things to do as a parent is entrust the care of your child to someone else. During our time with Andi, we never once were concerned about her care and loved the nurturing environment she created. She helped us become better parents and always had the time and patience to give us some much needed advice.

Now that she is an active toddler, we have watched her blossom under Andi's care. She rushes through the door every morning, happy to greet her friends. We are always amazed at the wonderful and creative activities that Andi does with the children. The schooling e.g., ABCs, colors, motor skills, and songs have really put our child in from of the learning curve."
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