"I promise every day your child will learn something.
Some days they will bring it home in their hands.
Some days they will bring it home in their heads.
Some days they will bring it home in their hearts."
- author unknown

My philosophy is that it is the “process not the product” that is important. To me, it is more important for your child to “experience” the “hands on” part of our daily activities instead of me doing, showing and telling them. I want your child to feel like they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. I encourage problem solving at every age and work hard at creating an “I Can Do It!” atmosphere.

My goal each day is to reach each child, where they are, and to let them learn the way they learn best – through play. Research shows that children learn best through play. As I create my lesson plans I think of the whole child and make sure I include all 7 domains - social and personal development; language and literacy; mathematical thinking; scientific thinking; social studies; the arts and physical development and health.  I do this through the help of a Maryland state approved curriculum and assessment program that I use along with observations of each student and their current interests.  I work hard on meeting each student where they are and helping them to build their foundation to be successful in future learning.

Our preschool program runs Sept - mid June Monday - Thursday.  You have the option of a 1/2 day or full day program along with how many days your child attends.


OUR 2-3 YEAR OLD PROGRAM – For our 2 and 3 year old students I design a curriculum for them using a combination of their interests, “Healthy Beginnings” and “The Investigator’s Club” curriculums. Both are Maryland state approved curriculums. I also spend a lot of time with this age group in helping to model appropriate behaviors - how to treat our friends, how to be respectful, how to solve their problem(s), how to express our thoughts and feelings appropriately and how to play to name just a few. During this time we also experiment with different art mediums, play doh, learning how to take turns when playing games, how to be responsible for ourselves and belongings, how to respond to prompts in journals and so much more to start preparing them for school.

OUR 4-5 YEAR OLD PROGRAM – I also design a curriculum for our 4 and 5 year old students using a combination of their interests, “The Investigator’s Club” and the state of Maryland’s kindergarten readiness skills checklist. It is my goal to have students leave my program with a love of learning and ready for kindergarten!

OUR PRESCHOOL PREP SUMMER CAMP – During the month of August we offer a preschool prep summer camp program. This camp runs Tuesdays - Thursdays from 9 - 1 each day. You are more than welcome to sign up for any week(s) you want or all the  weeks. The purpose of this camp is to reunite students with their friends and help get them back into routine prior to our school year starting. For new students to our program, the purpose of this camp is to introduce them to our preschool, meet new friends and begin to learn our routine prior to our school year craziness. We offer a different theme each week with a wide variety of educational and hands on fun activities and opportunities along with a healthy snack. I encourage and support each child's love of learning to help lay each child's foundation to help ensure their kindergarten readiness.

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